Saturday, 28 May 2011


Like rain in a wilderness,
You came
And restored my life,
Deprived of love and feelings.
By cultivating kernel of love,
In the
Philistin and barren
You made it dazzling and imaginative,
By watering it with love and care.
You made me conscious of the callous realities
And the sugared cure,
To be put in me
And make me forget
My redundancy…
Awakened me to the splendor of
This repulsive world…
I cannot be more grateful…
I have nothing to offer
In return for your attention
Except me and myself,
Because it was you
Who made me alive
Made me feel
What it feels like
To live and to enjoy.
For this
I am indebted
To you and your love
I have nothing to offer
Except me and myself.
I am yours
Forever and ever……

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