Saturday, 28 May 2011

My Nana Abu

My maternal grandpa,
May in peace rest his soul,
He came in this world to help people,
And went away after playing his role.

Whenever I think about him,
I can feel him watching me.
He must be enjoying in the Heavens,
The life here after with glee.

He was a great son,
He was a sweet brother,
He was a nice man,
He was a kind father.

He won the Paradise in flying colours,
By helping the needy, the orphans and the poor.
When his soul travelled from the Earth to the Heaven,
He must have enjoyed the divine tour.

Some people envied him,
Because he was the apple of everyone’s eyes.
His life was based on truth and candour,
And not on jokes and lies.

He won admiration in the other world,
In this world he got fame,
He is remembered by everyone,
Nobody will ever forget his name.

He was a great grandfather,
We all miss him a lot.
We all want to be like him.
We will keep alive his thoughts.

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