Saturday, 28 May 2011

I Think About…..

Whenever I m alone,
I sit down to think.
When I m deep in thoughts,
I forget even to blink.

I think about my past,
Very nice and gay.
I think about my future,
For which nothing I could say.

I think about my aims,
Which are very high.
And for reaching them,
I have to soar in sky.

I think about my life,
Very challenging and fast.
It’s a very long path,
With difficulties on its mast!

I think about the difficulties
Placed upon my way,
I have to cross them all,
To finish them, everyday.

I think about my parents,
Who always give me advice:
That it’s nice to be important but
It’s more important to be nice.

I think about my teachers,
So devoted and sweet.
They teach me all the good things
And learning from them is a treat!

I think about what I can do,
For people’s benefit.
And if I did what I can do,
Then my name will be brightly lit!!!!

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